Guardian Of The Purple Moon

Manchuto was the Leader of the Nebulan Elite, a small armada who protected the inhabitants of the distant purple moon of Kalanor. For many years the inhabitants enjoyed peace and prosperity. Then one day, the tyrant known as Despero, attacked and attempted to absorb the nuclear properties of the purple mist that embodied the moon with the purpose of enhancing his own powers. Overwhelmed by Depsero and the sheer power of the Flame of Py'tar, the members of the Nebulan Elite called upon their fearless champion and guardian Manchuto. Despite his mastery of mind over matter, Manchuto was unable to push back the tyrant's attack, although he was able to hold his position just long enough until Martain Manhunter and Jon Stewart of the Justice League arrived and help defeat Despero.
The Justice League
Acknowledging the rarity of encountering a hero who could at the very least "hold their own" against Despero, J'onn J'onzz granted Manchuto an invitation to serve as a reserve member of the Justice League. Humbled and honored, Manchuto graciously accepted the invitation to serve as a reserve Justice League member and traveled to Earth to be officially initiated. Manchuto continues to adjust to the local customs and culture of Earth's inhabitants and he continues his fight for truth, justice and the American way.
Exobyte Explosion
With the desperate decision made by the "Future Lex Luthor" of releasing the exobytes into earth's atmosphere , many new heroes and villains were born. With new powers came new responsibilities and the need for mentorship and leadership was in great need. To help fullfill that role Manchuto has offered his abilities and experience to help new heroes alike in learning, honing and mastering their new found powers. Some of his journeys and assignments with his current league mates may require his assistance in various parts of Gotham City or Metropolis. Other times his help may be needed elsewhere where intergalactic travel is necessary such as missions on the planet of Oan or Ranx. One thing is clear, wherever danger and peril lurks, Manchuto and his league mates are ready for battle regardless off the odds that are stacked against them.